Terms of Sales

All the documents offered for sale in this catalog and on our website are originals. We only have one piece of each issue on sale. All documents are in good condition, in accordance with the description and are guaranteed authentic.

The prices indicated are in euros.

To place an order, you must have over 18 years old, request the reservation of the object by email or postadress. Upon receipt of our response (within 48 hours) you receive the booking agreement.

You can use freight forwarders to do it in your country. We will give you addresses of professionals authorized to transport works of art.

An expert certificate or a reliable origin accompanies each work.
Any painting is sold with an invoice. You can pay by check, visa card or international transfer. The export of documents is subject to the French laws of the Ministry of Culture.
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For over 40 years we have had many autograph documents signed by all kinds of personalities, drawings and paintings.The studies we have conducted on papers and inks allow us to be able to appraise the documents presented to us.  Over the years, we have been able to collect many photographic references of writings that serve as support for our expertise. These very important references serve us almost daily to appraise, analyze and estimate the documents entrusted to us.

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